Best Harness for Weimaraners (Our Top 6 for 2022)

If you're looking for the best harness for your Weimaraner - check out our top six choices plus hints and tips of what will work best for your dog.
Best Harness for Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is a large gun dog breed, originally used for hunting. Like other gun dogs, like the Springer Spaniel, they are full of both energy and strength. They have a high prey drive and often require a lot of time training to calm their hunting temperament. As a pet, they are incredibly loyal dogs and wonderful to have in owners lives.

Weimaraner Dog Harnesses: Summary Table

PositionHarnessOnline RatingAvailable Online
1Julius-K9 16IDC-FAR-2 IDC PowerharnessBuy on Amazon
2Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog HarnessBuy on Amazon
3Halti Headcollar Padded, Size 3Buy on Amazon
4Company of Animals Non-Pull Dog HarnessBuy on Amazon
5Mekuti Balance Dog HarnessN/AVisit Website
6TrueLove Dog HarnessBuy on Amazon

What to Look For in a Weimaraner Harness

As the owner of a fairly small (for the breed) blue Great Dane, we often get asked if she is a Weimaraner. On the flip side, we now know several Weimaraner owners who are asked whether there’s are small Great Danes.

However, as owners will know – despite the blue variety having a passing resemblance, the breeds have little in common. While one is relatively lazy, Weimaraner’s are energetic and can be quite needy.

They do both have a deep chest – and it is this that makes selecting the right sort of harness important. They also can require a lot of training which includes the reduction of pulling behaviour. Given their energy, strength and instincts – a pulling Weim can be an unpleasant experience.

Walking your dog should be a pleasant experience, and it is crucial if you are extinguishing bad behaviours when out and about that you invest time and effort in a good training plan, of which a well-suited no-pull harness will help.

In addition to the pulling reduction, the harness should also fit well so not to constrict them or allow escape. It should also be able to withstand their strength and not fall apart. Finally, it should be a harness they want to wear.

This is not to say a dog will instantly take to a harness, some resist at first, and it takes some patience. But if they’re genuinely not adapting to that particular style of harness, a different sort may work better.

We have tried to cover a relatively wide range of styles in this article to help you find a dog harness that will work for you and your dog.

Best Harness for Weimaraner

Collar or Harness for a Weimaraner

The Weimaraner’s prey-drive makes them particularly prone to pulling on a lead. If your dog is a puller, walking them on collars and a leash can cause multiple problems.

For the dog owner, a sharp tug or constant pulling can be both stressful and can cause you discomfort or injury. For the dog, it can result in neck and throat discomfort or injury.

If your “Silver Ghost” is well behaved or already trained to walk on a leash, a collar may be sufficient. But many people prefer to use collars for keeping ID tags and a walking harness for going outside.

Harnesses can be made of various materials including nylon, mesh and leather. You can find out more about harnesses here – but see below for a summary.

Types of Dog Harnesses for your Weimaraner

  • Vest Harness: A basic type of harness and not usually used to train dogs. These are for general wear and leash walking. Often vest harnesses go over the head and under the front legs. These are generally suited to older dogs, those getting used to wearing a harness or a dog who doesn’t tend to pull.
  • Front and Back Clip Harnesses: These are the most common harness types for dogs that pull and the type we feature mostly in this article. The front clip is a lead attachment located at the front of the harness (chest), the back is a clip located at the top (back). Both of these have benefits for dog trainers and can be useful for both training and controlling your dog. We will cover a few of these, but more relevant we will look at Weimaraner harnesses which combine front and back clips with a training lead.
  • Tightening and Control Harnesses: These are often used by experienced dog handlers and trainers, if at all. They tighten or put pressure on your dog when they pull. This can be a challenge if you haven’t had a lot of experience with dogs, and they can result in discomfort or pinching of the dog’s skin. This can also result in the undesired effect of increasing the pulling behaviour as the Weimaraner tries to get away from the discomfort. These are generally only used by trainers when other harnesses have not resolved the pulling behaviour.

You can read more about leather harnesses here and halters here.

What is the Best dog Harness for a Weimaraner

Measuring a Weimaraner for a Harness

As a deep-chested breed, getting the right measurements for a Weimaraner dog harness can be a little tricky.

For general harness sizing, we found large/XL (or Size 2 for the Julius-K9) was the closest to that of a Weimaraner.

This may not suit every dog as there you may have a dog that is bigger, smaller, a puppy or has weight issues.

If you find your dog measures between two different harness sizes, you should pick the larger of the two and then use adjustment straps for a better fit. Choosing a harness which is too small will not only be tight but reduce your Weimaraner’s mobility.

We’ve compiled a complete guide to measuring and fitting your dog for a harness here. But see below for a handy summary.

Measuring Your Weimaraner

  • Measuring the chest: The most important measurement for your Weimaraner dog harness is the chest. To do this take a tape measure and measure around the widest part of the dog’s chest. This is a few fingers from behind the front legs (or four fingers distance). Take a note of the measurement.
  • Add a couple of inches: You should include an extra two inches to your chest measurement. This will give you a little wiggle room, so it’s not too snug and for any weight gain.
  • Measuring the neck: This may not be required – but if your harness goes over the dog’s neck – you should measure the circumference with your tape measure.
  • Weigh your dog: This isn’t usually necessary – but if you’re seeking more advice, they may ask about weight as an indication of your Weimeraner’s strength. Always worth having a note of next time you pass the Vet’s scales.

Our 6 Best Harnesses for Weimaraners

1. 🏆 Julius-K9 16IDC-FAR-2 IDC Powerharness

Julius-K9 16IDC-FAR-2 IDC Powerharness, Dog Harness, Size 2, Denim A well known, popular and most importantly, strong dog harness to reduce pulling.

Julius-K9 have built up many generations with their distinctive police dog style.

Although they can be used on pretty much any breed, those with large dogs generally have the most success from them.

We first came across Julius-K9 for large energetic breeds when a friend got her first Newfoundland.

Having unsuccessfully tried to walk with a number of no pull dog harnesses, they were left frustrated. They then moved over to the Julius-K9 and a long lead and have had great success.

The outer layer is made of a durable waterproof, scratch-resistant material. The inner layer has  OEKO-TEX breathable skin-friendly material. High Visibility trims are also on the outer layer.

A heavy-duty plastic buckle is located around the belly area. The chest strap can be adjusted for a better fit.

At the top of the Julius-K9 is a heavy-duty ring for leash attachment. There is also an easy-grip handle for holding your dog as well as help lifting if required.

There’s a lot of different designs for the Julius-K9, but we’ve opted to cover their new denim range because it looked so apt against the Weimaraners coat – however, check out the other options for a more bespoke style.

2. Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harness

RUFFWEAR - Front Range, Everyday No Pull Dog Harness with Front Clip, Trail Running, Walking, Hiking, All-Day Wear, Twilight Gray (2016), Large/X-Large Another popular dog harness with dog owners of all breeds, the Ruffwear harness is an example of a Front Range.

Simply put, this is a harness with two lead attachment points.

The first, on the top (back), is a steel ring which you clip your lead on and start walking.

It’s a sturdy harness and, like the Julius-K9, will spread the surface are if your Weim starts pulling. The second is a loop at the front (chest) of the harness. This requires a double-ended training lead, such as the HALTI, which can be clipped on to both the front and back of the harness.

Your Weimaraner can then be guided in directions, similar to the way a horses reign works. This is an excellent way to both control your dog as well as teach them not to pull when outside.

The Ruffwear chest and belly area is padded for comfort.

There is a nylon outer layer with a high visibility reflective trim on edges for better visibility at night.

This no-pull dog harness has four points of adjustment which are easy to use; two shoulder straps and two belly straps.

This is a great harness which delivers great results with dogs who pull. The harness is easy to put on over the head and clip behind the front legs.

3. Halti Headcollar

Yes, this is not a dog harness – but hear me out. We’ve covered the benefits of halters before, as well as given several recommendations.

Halters, or head collars, attach to the dog’s head, and snout giving you added control. Usually, an attachment fits securely around the dog’s nose.

Often, a second attachment then clips behind the dog’s head. These are then clipped to the collar before the leash is attached to a ring below the snout.

The Halti Head Collar focusses on both strength and durability.

This is a good choice for your Weimaraner when they are particularly difficult, or you require additional control. Most dog’s don’t take to these the first time so that it may take practice, training and patience.

4. Company of Animals Non-Pull Dog Harness

I’m not bowled over by this harness, but it is another option for dog’s who are not responding well to traditional harnesses. It’s bordering on a control harness but has additional padding to soften any tightening when your dog pulls.

5. Mekuti Balance Dog Harness

Visit Website

This UK based company make some great anti-pull harnesses. Although at first glance they may not look the most stylish – practically they’re fantastic. See our full review of this harness here.

6. TrueLove Dog Harness

TrueLove makes a great selection of harnesses. This is similar in a lot of ways to the Ruffwear and makes a good choice as a Weimaraner harness.

It’s a front range dog harness and slightly cheaper. Although this is an excellent nylon harness, we’ve tended to use these as a second harness once your dog has trained and is better behaved on the lead.


We hope our collection of the best dog harnesses for Weimaraners has helped your decision. As a robust and excitable breed with a high prey drive – it is essential to train your Silver Ghost and have support from a harness that works well.

If you have other suggestions or any hints and tips for other readers, please comment below or start a conversation on our Facebook page.

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