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Have you ever looked at your car seat after a long road trip with your dog? It can be hard to get all that fur off. There are things you can do, though! We'll ...

Chewed shoes? Sofa torn apart? Learn how to stop your dog from destroying the house with these simple tips.

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Reviewing our collection of the 8 best chew toys for dogs, discussing the reasons dogs chew, and some alternatives to chewing behaviour.

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In this specially curated list - we've gathered the top ten best selling dog collars currently trending in 2020 on Amazon.

A slick alternative to other no-pull harnesses and recommended by many large breed owners who pull. May not be suited to all however, although results are ...

Trying to find the perfect harness for your Staffie? Check out our curated guide to the best Staffordshire Bull Terrier Harness we've tested.

A hugely popular no-pull dog harness and listed as an Amazon Choice on their site.

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  1. Hi Kurt, thanks for reaching out. What a great spot. It’s not a harness we’ve encountered much, however from what we can see online it has some strong recommendations. Could you tell us a bit more about it and how you reached your conclusions?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Kerry, it’s a brand I’d not heard too much about – I think we’ll definitely need to order one and test it out! Good luck with all the pulling behaviour – glad you found a solution that worked for your Australian Shepherd. Thanks for reading. GD

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