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5 Clever Tricks to Stop Your Dog from Eating Too Fast (Bowls, Toys & DIY Ideas)

Wondering why does your dog eat so fast? Discover the meaning behind this common canine behaviour and read our tips and hints to slow them down.

How To Crate Train Your Dog (Our Puppy and Adult Guide)

What is dog crate training and how can you crate train a puppy (or adult)? These are just some of the questions we will be answering here!

Best Dog Hair Clippers – The Complete Grooming Guide

If you want to cut your dog’s hair neatly and frequently, you need our introduction to dog hair clippers to make sure your pooch’s fur is perfect every time.

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth – Our Teeth Cleaning Guide

Do you want to know how to brush your dog’s teeth? Check out our comprehensive guide on canine dental hygiene and the common problems that can occur.

How to Cool Down your Dog (& Keep Them Cool) this Summer

Our complete guide to keeping your dog cool both indoors and outdoors in hot weather.

Best Dog Cooling Mats, Pads and Beds – Top 7 Trending in Summer 2019

What is a cooling bed and how can it keep your pet cool in the summer heat? We look at the 7 Best Dog Cooling Mats, Pads and Beds.

Dog Head Collars – A Beginner’s Guide

Are headcollars right for your dog? Do they help with training? Check out our complete guide to dog head collars.

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Collar vs Harness – The Ultimate Guide For Your Dog

We've created the ultimate awesome guide to finally answer your question - Collar vs Harness. Which one is best for your dog?

Dog Throat Injury from Collar Use? – Causes and Solutions

Is your dog's neck sore or damaged? How tight should a dog collar be? Browse our ultimate guide on preventing dog throat injury from collar use.

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Perfect Dog Harness Measuring, Fitting & Usage – The Ultimate Guide

You'd think finding a dog harness perfect fit would be simple. Not quite. Read our ultimate guide to choosing, fitting and using a dogs harness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Collars and Harnesses

Got a quick question? Read our handy and expanding Frequently Asked Questions for all things dog collar and harness related.

Dog Leads – What’s Best for Your Dog?

Our ultimate dog leads guide. The pros, cons, materials, designs and age considerations when choosing the perfect lead for your dog.

Dog Seat Belt vs. Dog Car Harness

Keeping your dog safe & secure in a car is essential and often a legal requirement. Read our ultimate guide to securing your dog on the road.

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