Best Leather Dog Harness – Top 6 Trending Sellers in 2024

Looking for the perfect leather dog harness for added style and even bling? Check out the top 6 best selling leather harnesses for dogs trending now.
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A leather dog harness may not be for every dog owner but for some, it is the height of fashion and cool.

Choosing a leather harness for dogs is a personal preference.  Like any harness, consideration should not only be made for style but for practical functions as well.

For example, if you have a dog which has a tendency to pull – a harness is often a far better option than a collar – but not all harnesses are equal. Some providing more assistance in training and control than others. Some of the harnesses below are also good for pulling, others are designed for better-behaved dogs. All are stylish and fashionable.

So with all this in mind, we now begin our guide to the top-selling leather dog harnesses. If you have any suggestions on more for this article – or pictures of your dogs in these harnesses – get in touch below or on our Facebook page.

Leather Dog Harnesses: Summary Table

Before we begin it’s worth pointing out that some of these harnesses are designed specifically for certain sizes of breeds. The Hunter, for example, is ideal for smaller dogs and puppies. The Bestia, on the other hand, is more suited to medium and large breeds. Though some of the harnesses are available in alternative sizes and most are adjustable, always check the measurements before buying. If you need any help on measuring your dog – check out our handy guide for achieving the perfect fit.

Top 6 Best Leather Dog Harnesses

1. ? Hunter Round and Soft Elk Leather

Hunter Round and Soft Elk Leather Petit Dog Harness with Crystals, 55 cm, Cognac This top-selling brown harness is made of a quality elk leather and inset with Swarovski crystal elements.

The mocha colour is stylish and its sizing is designed for smaller breeds such as Pugs and French Bulldogs.

In addition to Mocha, an additional five colours are available including Black, Beige and Plum. There are also smaller sizes – but not larger making this leather harness suited to puppies and smaller breeds looking to sparkle with style.

The Elk Leather is of high quality, originating from the forests of Scandinavia. The crystals are great for the discerning dog owner, although some may find it a little too bling for their tastes. The internal material consists of a resistant nylon rope making it both strong and robust. Leashes are attachment at the back.

This is very much a fashionable harness and best reserved for well-behaved dogs and puppies who want to show off a little. Probably not the best choice if your dog is a real puller on the lead (instead consider a non-pull harness). Overall its circular design is elegant but minimal, it’s certainly a beautiful looking addition for a smaller dog.

2. Bestia Aztec Leather Chest Plate Harness

Bestia Aztec big dog leather harness Bestia Aztec big dog leather harness No ratings yet

Bestia is a well known Bulgarian brand making leather collars and harnesses for dogs. They have quite a range, so we’ve chosen their exclusive  Bestia Aztec big dog leather harness 100% genuine leather Aztec range. These are designed for larger breeds with the onus on the front chest plate. The harness is made with a combination of leather and nickel plated metal.

As leather can be a rough material, especially when wet, the inside of the chest plate is padded with a soft cushion for additional comfort and to reduce chafing.

The harness comes with two chest straps which are adjustable using metal buckles. There are three sizes but they are all designed for variations of medium/ large breeds. The medium is designed for Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, American Pocket Bully. The large is more suited for breeds such as larger Pitbulls, Amstaff, English Bulldog etc. Finally, the XXL is a great leather dog harness for breeds such as Bullmastiff, Caucasian Shepherd, Kangal, St. Bernard, Newfoundland, Neapolitan Mastiff and so on.

3. Two-Tone Leather With Staffordshire Bullterrier Head Motif

Large Two Tone Leather Dog Harness With Staffordshire Bullterrier Head Motif and Staffie Knot BK/RD/G Strength-wise this is one tough harness. Made from two layers of leather for added durability – the harness itself is surprisingly soft for your dog’s body.

The harness material is a fine Italian leather outer layer with additional padding inside for comfort. This harness has four easily adjustable, roll-on buckles for that perfect fit. Two of these buckles are located on either side of the neck and shoulder. An additional two are around the harness girth.

This is definitely one of the more affordable harnesses available out there so a good option if you’re on a budget. It’s probably not ideal to be used as a non-pull harness, but it’s still a great choice.

4. Bestia Maximus Silver Big Dog Harness

The fifth entry is similar to the Aztec harness but is specifically designed for large breeds for chest sizes of 37.4 to 57 inch. The outer layer of the Maximus is constructed by genuine high-quality german buffalo leather. The harness features the Bestia patented three-ply soft cushion on the inside of the chest plate, making the fit comfortable.

The nickel plated metal parts of the harness look sleek with the overall silver colour. Bestia has a fantastic reputation for well designed and made leather harnesses and this one is no exception.

The Maxima range is for large breeds only (check out Aztec for medium sized). The Large is for those starting at a chest size of 23.6 inches, fitting up to chest size 45.3 inch and a lower neck circumference of 17 to 25 inch. The XXL is for giant breeds including St. Bernard, and Newfoundland.

5. OCSOSO Durable Finest Brown Genuine Leather

OCSOSO Durable Finest Brown Genuine Leather Dog Vest Harness Safety Dog Leather Harness Brass Plated for Medium Or Large Dogs 33.5"-35" Chest With Dog Leash Hook This stylish addition is designed to fit any medium to a large sized dog (33.5″-35″). It is made from 100% handcrafted leather which is both strong, durable and should last a very long time.

Two metal buckles on the front straps are used to adjust the harness for a perfect fit. The design is similar to a traditional non-pull harness meaning it will help with dogs who pull without resulting in discomfort or throat injury.

Reviews of this harness are mixed but it’s fairly inexpensive so it depends what you are looking for. It’s certainly a nice looking harness for those searching for a more classical style.

6. Haoyueer Leather Spiked Studded Set

haoyueer Medium & Large Breed Leather Spiked Studded Dog Harness,Collar & Leashes 3Pcs set for Medium & Large Dog Pit Bull,Mastiff, Boxer, Bull Terrier(Gold Brown,L) This is a fairly hardcore looking harness set designed for medium and large breeds.

The set not only comes with the spiked and studded harness but also an accompanying collar and lead. The core harness design is made from a strong high-quality PU (Faux) leather. It is designed to be both light and durable without the stiffness that could limit the dog’s mobility.

The large version featured is suited for Pitbull Terriers, Retrievers, Boxers, German Shepherds and similar breeds though smaller versions for puppies and smaller dogs are also available.

Studded spikes cover the outside of this harness giving it an almost medieval look – this is a harness you will either fall in love with or hate. We love it, it’s mean but cool. The matching collar also has the same spiked studded look and the leash attaches to a steel chain.

We’ve highlighted the gold and brown version here – but keep an eye out for the silver and black versions too.

Leather Dog Harness – A Summary

As you can see from the above list, there are harnesses for most tastes and breeds. Studded, plate, spiked, for training or just to make your pet look good. For the small breeds and puppies – more elegant (and sometimes bling) harnesses dominate the charts. But for those looking for something a little different for medium/larger breeds – there are strong and distinct options available.

Remember to measure your dog before purchasing to ensure the right fit. Most of these harnesses are adjustable but it’s best to make sure to avoid disappointment. Also remember to check that the features of the harness suit your dogs need, not just the cool look. This is particularly true for more muscular breeds – the last thing you want is a dog like this which pulls without any way to extinguish the behaviour.

We hope you found the above-curated list useful and please let us know any feedback on the comments section below or using our Facebook page.

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