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Best Dog Collars for Large Dogs – Our Top 5 Trending in 2024


As the owner of two Great Dane‘s we know finding accessories to fit can be a challenge. Large dog collars are essential for big dogs, they can’t be too tight for obvious reasons. They also can’t be too loose. As a general rule, it’s best to fit a collar with a gap space of two fingers – this allows a comfortable fit that doesn’t choke the dog or let it slip off / chew.

Important: Large breeds are strong. It’s not recommended to use collars solely when taking your dog out walking. Not only could the collar break if the dog pulls with force, but it could also damage the dog’s throat. It is recommended you investigate a harness for walking and use the collar for mainly identification tag purposes.

Amazon list a range of collars for your large breeds. Below is the complete top five of best selling suitably sized collars currently trending in 2019.

Our 5 Best Dog Collars for Large Dogs

1.¬†ūüŹÜ HALTI Premium Reflective Dog Collar, Large, Red

HALTI are kings of the training leads and a natural first place on the best selling dog collars for large dogs. Made by Company of Animals, these distinct red collars are ideal for the big pooch in your life.

The HALTI collar mixes a colourful two-tone design. It’s designed with a strong webbing material and a soft yet durable easy-clean neoprene lining. It’s a comfortable fit and the material ensures comfort around the dog’s neck. The high-grade nylon webbing is essential for the strength and durability needed in collars for larger dogs.

The collar is lined with a reflective 3M Scotchlite strip for better visibility of your dog when out in dark conditions.¬†¬†There is a hard-wearing metal ‘D’ ring for essential name and microchip tags. If you are not using a harness, you can also attach the lead to the ‘D’ ring. The size highlight accommodates a neck circumference between 18-26 in / 45-66 cm.

Because of the pull and strength of larger breeds – it’s always recommended to mix a collar with a harness when out and about. If you want to keep it in the HALTI family, you can also check out their popular leads and harnesses.

It’s easy to see why this is consistently the best selling collar on Amazon and reviews on the site are excellent.

2. Dexil Elite Range Luxury XXL Dog Collar

I need to start this section by mentioning that this collar comes with a fifteen-year guarantee. That’s certainly a confident statement from the manufacturers and the popularity¬†of the collar supports this. It’s worth mentioning that there are a few unhappy customers according to the Amazon reviews stating the collar can be a little flimsy so it’s recommended to read more.

The Dexil collar is neoprene padded and waterproof. Attached is a welded anti-corrosion ‘D’ ring for name tags and lead attachment. It uses a colour coded system and is fully adjustable from 38-64cm (15-25inch), 3cm width (1.25inch).

3. Vivi Bear Padded Collar

The Vivi is made of a wide soft mesh padding and ergonomic design inside the collar. The material is soft around the edges to protect your dog’s neck. However, it is still sturdy enough to handle tough pulls. The collar ring is made from a strong anti-corrosion Zinc-alloy.

4. EzyDog Neo Collar

This camouflage design is a solid and stylish collar for your dog. The collar has a non-rusting stainless steel D-Ring for attaching the lead. It also has a separate ID clip for attaching an identification tag.

5. Blueberry Pet Soft & Comfy Scottish Hudson Blue

Blueberry Pet Soft & Comfy Scottish Hudson Blue Plaid Tartan Style Designer Padded Dog Collar, Large, Neck 45cm-66cm, Adjustable Collars for Dogs Blueberry are often featured multiple times on collar lists owing to their rich range of designs so it’s no surprise to see this in the top 5. The Scottish Hudson blue looks very stylish. It’s made from a high density canvas fabric, neoprene webbing and silver hardware. The buckles are made of an eco-friendly plastic.

The loop is designed to attach dog charms, tags, pendants or accessories. Like most manufacturers they strongly recommend not using this loop to attach a dog lead to it. Primarily with a large breed, any pulling could break the loop so it’s often best to use the collar for ID tags and a harness for taking your dog out walking.

The collar highlighted measures 45cm-66cm around the neck and can be adjusted to a good and comfortable fit.


We hope you found the list above useful. Please remember the list above is reflective of the best selling collars for large breeds, not necessarily the best quality or requirement for your dog.

For our own reviews of dog collars don’t forget to check out our Collar section of the site. You can also check out our other 2019 trending lists including best GPS dog trackers, best dog collars and best dog harnesses.

A Note On Collars

Whenever we cover anything collar related, we like to mention the pros and cons of a collar over a dog harness. We’ve written a much more in-depth article on this topic here but here are the key points.

  • Consider collars for either very well behaved dogs or to be used in addition to a harness. If you have a dog that pulls on a lead, there is a risk of throat injury from the pressure.
  • No-Pull harnesses will reduce this pressure by distributing the force across the dog’s torso instead of the neck.
  • A no pull harness will also help train the dog to reduce or stop pulling. One of the issues with collars is that the pain can cause the dog to pull harder thus increasing the risk of a throat injury.
  • Many people use a collar for general wear and identification tags combined with a harness when the dog is out walking.


This trending list shows the top ten collars for large breeds currently on Amazon. If you have other suggestions or experiences of these collars, remember to comment below or on our Facebook page.


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