Pets At Home Step In Dog Harness

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Breathable material
Easy to put on and take off

Pets At Home Step In Dog HarnessPets At Home Step In Dog Harness

We reviewed this little ditty from our local Pets At Home (a store that we love by the way, and use all the time).

We spent a while puzzling over which type would suit Lupin (our Cockapoo) best before going for what was admittedly one of the cheaper options – he was still not quite fully-grown and we were testing the water a bit.

The Step In harness is made from soft, breathable material, is easily adjusted and features reflective strips along the edges. It’s a very simple harness with just one clip on the back and currently costs just £12.00 from Pets At Home. It seemed to work well at first and definitely reduced Lupin’s pulling.

However, as many other owners seem to have discovered, there is one major disadvantage to the Step In harness – your dog can step right out of it at will! During a walk, Lupin decided to hit revere gear and promptly slipped right out of the harness. Thankfully we were in a park and not along the side of a busy road, otherwise things could have ended very differently.

Other owners seem to have had this same problem with the Step In harness and as a result it’s quite poorly rated.

I’m a big fan of Pets At Home but unfortunately I can’t recommend this particular harness.

Your experience with it may be very different, but it’s difficult to stand by a harness that actually allows your dog to escape. It was back to the drawing board for us and Lupin on this occasion.

5.8 Total Score
Not A Great Harness

A cheap but not well made first harness

  • Breathable material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Cheap
  • Cheaply made!
  • Lack of features
  • Only one clip
  • Not secure
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David M.

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