Mekuti Balance Dog Harness

Harness RHS Mutley 480 RGB
Mekuti Balance Dog Harness
Mekuti Balance Dog Harness
Delivers on its promise
A range of colours available
30 Day Guarantee
All the straps are adjustable

Don’t expect anyone falling head over heels over this harness, in more ways than one. While it’s not the most stylish harness out there, Mekuti Balance Dog Harness is a highly recommended harness by many reputable trainers. The consensus among professionals is that it works wonders in helping you with loose lead training. You won’t get pulled over with this one!

The harness works by controlling the balance of your dog in a gentle way; no need to tug, shout, or use any force. With gentle guidance, you can improve control, speed, and movement of your dog.

It comes with a matching double-ended lead, but you can use other brands such as Halti, if you already have one.

8.5 Total Score

Not the prettiest harness - but recommended by many trainers.

  • Delivers on its promise
  • A range of colours available
  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • All the straps are adjustable
  • Can be somewhat difficult to put on
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Marko Geek

Marko Geek

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  1. Bought and tried harness and leash for 3 weeks, following the instructions both me and my wife. Our dog pulled more than he did before. Tried to get in touch with Mekuti on two separate emails, and they wont get back to me. I guess its their way of not refunding my money. So much for their 30 day money back guaranty. Please please do not fall for their videos and con ads. If you have husky’s and a sled then try a harness, but not from here they have no customer care.

  2. Worked for me!

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