Julius-K9 162P0 K9 PowerHarness

Best seller Julius K9
Julius-K9 162P0 K9 PowerHarness
Julius-K9 162P0 K9 PowerHarness
Very popular
Good for larger dog breeds
Strong buckles that are easy to clip on and off
Very sturdy, reliable design
Waterproof, breathable material
Larger versions have additional features like saddlebag attachments

In this review we cover the Julius-K9 162P0 K9 PowerHarness. This harness is a very well known and popular harness for larger dogs. We initially assumed they were aimed at large breeds however, when researching for a recent Cockapoo Harness article we found they come in a wide variety of sizes. For example, ‘Size 0’ is recommended for smaller dogs such as a Cockapoo or a Beagle. There are also some puppy sizes (check out our measurement guide below).

Julius-K9 162P0 K9 PowerHarness ReviewA friend of ours has a Newfoundland and having tried all sorts of different harnesses as she was growing up – swears by the Julius-K9. The Newfoundland can be quite a pulling dog and has a tendency to run off in the early days – so combined with a very long lead – this worded a treat.


The Julius-K9 is a very sturdy, attractive harness. It features a metal ring on top for lead attachments and a large, adjustable handle for increased control of your dog. The handle on the back can be used for easy grip and lifting of the dog.

The belly strap has a heavy-duty plastic buckle and the chest strap has an adjustable hook and loop fastening. The reflective stripe on the chest strap provides visibility in the dark. The K9 PowerHarness is breathable and can be fitted and removed easily. And because it’s a Julius-K9, it also has attachments for saddlebags and a torch (because why not, right?).

The only downside to this harness is, like the Outad, the lack of chest ring. Again, it’s maybe not a major issue but for someone who transports their dog regularly in the back seat of the car, it’s definitely a negative point. The Julius harness is also on the upper end of the price scale, though that’s perhaps to be expected given its popularity and quality.


As mentioned previously, most associate this harness with larger dogs. There are however a variety of sizes as well as a handy chart to identify which is best for your dog. I have included Amazon links to each here:

  • Baby 1 – Chest circumference: 29-36 cm, weight of the dog: 1-3 kg
  • Baby 2 – Chest circumference: 33-45 cm, weight of the dog: 2.5-5 kg
  • Mini-Mini – Chest circumference: 40 -53 cm, weight of the dog: 4-7 kg
  • Mini – Chest circumference: 51-67 cm, weight of the dog: 7-15 kg
  • Size 0 – Chest circumference: 58 -76 cm, weight of the dog: 13-25 kg
  • Size 1 – Chest circumference: 66-85 cm, weight of the dog: 23-30 kg
  • Size 2 – Chest circumference: 71-96 cm, weight of the dog: 28-40 kg
  • Size 3 – Chest circumference: 82-115 cm, weight of the dog: 40 -80 kg

Julius-K9 162P3 K9 PowerHarness for Dogs, Size 3, Black

For more information on fitting your harness for your dog – follow out guide on measuring and fitting your dog for a harness.


It is, of course, pretty hard to beat a Julius-K9 for quality and reliability. This is a great harness preceded by a strong reputation, and you’ll know you’re getting a quality product if you decide to go with it. As long as you’re ok with just one harness ring and the slightly higher price.

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