9 Dapper French Bulldog Shirts – The Best Frenchie Styles

No French Bulldog wardrobe is complete without a collection of stylish shirts. Some discernable Frenchie owners are always on the lookout for the latest styles.

But in order for your French Bulldog to look the part, you need to consider the time of year and the event. So whether it’s a summer walk in the park or fine dining in the autumn, there’s a shirt for every occasion.

Owners have flocked to Instagram and Pinterest to show off their dogs latest threads. There are even fashion shows just for dogs.

Frenchie polo shirts, dress shirts, Hawaiian shirts – they’re all here in our French Bulldog shirt top nine collection.


Best French Bulldog Shirts – Our Top Nine

1. Grumpy Cat “MEH” Dog Tee


Grumpy Cat "MEH" Dog Tee

Available from:


This French Bulldog shirt will raise a smile, even to the grumpiest face.

2. Meioro French Bulldog Dress Shirt Tuxedo [UK]

Meioro Pet Clothes Dog Shirt Dog Tuxedo Bow Tie Shirt Suitable for Wedding Party Puppy French Bulldog Pug (L, Bow tie shirt)

Available from:


French Bulldog meets James Bond.

It doesn’t get more stylish than a Tuxedo, and this pinstripe waistcoat and shirt number is as classy as it gets. Even at a state dinner, your Frenchie will outshine the competition.

The shirt is made from a soft fabric with a bow-tie at the front and back. The material is not stretchable – so check the sizing before ordering and remember to add a couple of extra inches so it doesn’t get stuffy.

3. Spring Polo Shirt

Spring Polo Shirt

Available from:

Frenchie N Pug

This bright and colourful Frenchie polo shirt is just the thing for summer nights.

4. Hot Springs Hawaii Style Shirt

Hot Springs Hawaii Style Shirt

Available from:

Frenchie N Pug Amazon.com

Looking like they’re straight off the movie set – and Frenchie will look the part in this stylish Hawaiian style shirt.

This French Bulldog button up shirt is made from natural cotton and linen fabric. The buttons are a nice touch and amplify the dapper look.

5. The Preppy Frenchie Cotton Shirt

The Preppy Frenchie Cotton Shirt 

Available from:

Frenchie N Pug

Tennis Club? Cricket Pavillion? No problem.

6. The Bachelor – Summer Shirt

The Bachelor - Summer Shirt

Available from:

Frenchie N Pug

Available in blue or white, this is an amazing buttoned dress shirt which gives both style and airyness to your French bulldog.

7. iChoue Sleeveless Dog Shirt

iChoue Dogs Clothes Vest T-Shirts for French Bulldog Pug Boston Terrier Frenchie Cute - Stripes of Green and Black-M

Available from:


Eleven different colour variations of this snug sleeveless shirt are available but the green and black striped edition was our favourite. The clothing is made from 100% non-iron knit cotton. It’s elasticated and incredible flexible.

8. Frenchie’s The Word – iChoue Dog Shirt and Sweater

iChoue Pet Dog Knitted Sweater Collar Knitwear Winter Warm Clothes Cold Weather Coat for French Bulldog Frenchie Shiba Inu Corduroyt-Dark Green/M

Available from:


An adult or a puppy Frenchie will look all grown up in this classic outfit. Worthy of a birthday party, this knitted cotton combined shirt and sweater is both smart and cozy.

9. The Classic – Black & White Striped Shirt for Frenchies

Frenchie Pet Clothing Classic Elegant Black White Stripe for French Bulldog or Pug Wear Use Comfortable Fabric

Available from:


It’s not hard to love the classic look – and fashion doesn’t get more classic than black and white. Made from a stetchable fabric – this slim fit shirt is designed for a snug and comfortable feel.

About French Bulldog Clothes

Although putting clothes on your French Bulldog may seem the height of fashion – it’s not for everyone and should be done in moderation.

An important thing to keep in mind, when putting clothing on your Frenchie, is their body temperature. Frenchies can easily overheat, so keep the clothing to a minimum in warm weather and indoor areas.

Never leave your dog wearing clothing for long periods of time. This is particularly important if you plan on leaving them unattended for any period of time.

If your Frenchie shows signs of overheating, be sure to contact your veterinary professional as soon as possible.

The other thing to note is that not all dogs will be comfortable wearing clothes straight away. Clothing is not exactly natural to dogs, so while puppies might accept it quickly, adult dogs might need a bit of help.

We suggest you introduce clothing slowly to your French Bulldog. Prepare some tasty treats and present the item of clothing to your dog.

Treat them each time they show interest in the item. Once they are comfortable approaching the item, start by placing the item gently against their body and treating immediately after.

Repeat this until you can see your dog being happy and looking for the treats as soon as the item touches them.

You should add a few more steps to the process. Place the item on their back then treat them, and repeat multiple times. Pretend to put the item on them, but don’t pull it over their head, then after a while, pull it over their head, but not all the way, and so on.

The process will be very quick for confident dogs, but it might take a bit of time for anxious dogs, or dogs who have a problem with things going over their head. Either way, this will ensure that your dog not only is okay with wearing clothes but also enjoys the whole experience.

A final note on shirts. Unlike some clothing items for dogs, shirts rarely have gaps in the back for a harness. If your Frenchie wears a walking harness, you’re best placing the shirt beneath the harness. Also remember, this will make them quite warm wearing double layers – so not ideal for warmer weather.

Measuring Your Frenchie for a Shirt

If you don’t want your Frenchie to stick out like a sore thumb, you’ll want to make sure the clothing fits properly. It’s not just the fashionable thing to do, it is also safer that way.

Clothing which is too loose is a trip hazard and it will quickly get damaged. On the other hand, if the clothes are too tight, they can be uncomfortable, cause skin irritations or even breathing problems. Yes, chafing is a very real problem for dogs too!

Remember that as a brachycephalic breed, it doesn’t take much to cause problems for your Frenchie’s airways. It’s crucial we avoid clothing which might get too tight around the neck.

You don’t have to immediately dismiss that adorable turtleneck you’ve been eyeing up! You just need to test it before putting it on your dog and ensure it doesn’t affect their breathing in any way.

Most dog clothing brands seem to have their own sizings, so you can’t rely purely on the tags. Read the description carefully and keep your dog’s measurements handy when buying clothes.

You need to measure your dog’s neck, chest, and body length. A tape measure will be your friend for this.

Take the tape and measure around the thickest part of the neck, if there is one, otherwise anywhere will do. We know that French Bulldogs usually have a short and stocky neck, but each dog is different, so best to be sure you didn’t measure the thinnest part of the neck.

For the chest, again you need to measure around the widest part of the chest. Most likely to be a few inches away from the front legs.

Finally, measure the body length. This is done from the end of the neck to the base of the tail. If you’re buying something like a raincoat, you want to make sure it covers your dog entirely, not just the neck and shoulders area.

Once you have the measurements, check them against instructions on items you are considering to buy or sizing charts online. When you find yourself between sizes, it is safer to pick the larger option.


We hope you enjoyed our collection of French Bulldog shirts. Choosing stylish clothing can give your Frenchie a great look. Remember not to leave any clothing on all the time, however, and be vigilant for excessive panting and overheating.

If you’re looking for something a bit warmer, check out our hoodies article in our dog apparel section.

Share your own Frenchie shirts in the comments section below or by visiting our Facebook page.

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