Best Dog Water Bottles (For Outdoors and Travel – Our Top 7 Picks)

Keeping your dog hydrated on hot days or when out and about is important. Check out our guide to dog water bottles and our top 7 choices.
Best Dog Water Bottles (For Outdoors and Travelling - Our Top 7 Picks)


When out walking with your dog on a hot day, hiking or travelling it is important to keep your dog hydrated. Depending on where you are, staying hydrated can be a challenge.

Indeed, keeping your dog cool on a hot day when out and about can also be difficult.

Keeping your dog from overheating will not only keep them happy and healthy but will also help keep them safe (and away from the Vets office).

In this article, we will explore the topic of dog water bottles, the different types, the factors of choosing the right one and our selection of the seven best dog water bottles available online.

Dog Water Bottles: Summary Table

PositionHarnessOnline RatingAvailable Online
1? lesotc Pet Water Bottle for DogsBuy on Amazon
2Vivaglory 750ml Leakproof Dog Water BottleBuy on Amazon
3PupFlask Portable Water Bottle [USA]Buy on Amazon
4TIOVERY Dog Water BottleBuy on Amazon
5KONG H2O - Insulated Stainless Steel Dog Water BottleBuy on Amazon
6Highwave AutoDogMug [USA]Buy on Amazon
7Anpetbest Dog Water BottleBuy on Amazon

Hot dog drinking water

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool Outdoors

  • Keep your dog hydrated – Carry or give access to fresh water. This could be by carrying dog bowls and filling up at a fountain, a normal carry bottle with a flip-top lid, a tap or a dog water bottle
  • Find or create shade – Whether it’s a tree shade or something makeshift
  • Avoid hot surfaces – Hot pavements and roads can burn your dog’s paw pads
  • Invest in a dog cooling vest – alternatively, bring a wet towel or cover
  • Don’t overdo it – long walks and rigorous exercise in the mid-day summer sun can lead to dehydration, exhaustion and sunstroke
  • Go for a swim – be it a paddle, a river or a lake – a swim is a great way to cool down
  • Bring a dog cooling mat – they’re great for cooling down with when you stop for lunch – alternatively, a wet towel or similar

What Makes a Good Dog Water Bottle?

Depending on your dog, getting them to drink water when out and about can be easy or hard. Our Great Danes, for example, will drink water from an outdoor running tap or an old plastic bottle. Our Cavalier, however, is fussy and getting him to drink on our travels is often a chore.

Sometimes a large squeezable plastic bottle with a nozzle and cap is sufficient although we tend to lose a lot of the water squeezing it in their directions.

Others use sports bottles, the types you get at gyms and freebies at a trade show. These can work fine and if you are on a walk and your dog is happy – it’s a great way to keep them hydrated.

If your dog is a little fussier or you require something more robust, reusable and practical – you may consider investing in a portable dog water bottle.

Dog Drinking from Water Bottle

What to Look For in a Dog Water Bottle

The types of water bottle you invest in can depend on how you will most often use it. If you are looking for a regular dog water bottle for walking and strolls in the park – then something easy that can be carried is fine.  If however if you are hiking or travelling, you probably want something you don’t have to carry by hand the entire time.

  • Water Capacity: if you have a small breed dog on a walk – capacity shouldn’t be much of an issue. However, if you are going for a long trek with a large dog (or dogs) you will want to consider something larger.
  • Dispensing: Our Great Danes love drinking directly from the bottles when we hold them and pour. Though great, there is a lot of water wastage. Alternatively, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel refuses to drink from anything but a water bowl. Some water bottles combine the bottle with a foldable bowl which can be expanded and then packed away again within the lid of the bottle. Having a portable dog bowl water bottle made all the difference for us.
  • Easy To Carry: On a short walk – you may carry the bottle. Alternatively, on longer hikes, you may pack it with your own equipment, or use a dog harness with a carry saddle bag or dog backpack. Some bottles include an adjustable strap which you can place over your shoulder.
  • Leak-Proof: This may seem obvious but it’s worth checking that the bottle is leak proof. No-one wants a wet backpack – and you certainly don’t want to run out of water during a long trek. This not only includes leakage when you carry it but after and during use. Look out for leak-proof lids and leak-proof locks if there’s a water bowl included.
  • Material: If the bottle is made from plastic, you should look for something BPA (bisphenol A) free. This prevents contaminating the water with chemicals when the bottle is exposed to too much sun. Look for materials that are durable, and won’t break on the ground or in your backpack. You want a bottle which will last a long time, so strong plastics, stainless steel and similar are preferred.

Our 7 Best Dog Water Bottles

Our 7 Best Dog Water Bottles

1. 🏆 lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs, Dog Water Bottle Foldable, Dog Travel Water Bottle, Dog Water Dispenser, Lightweight & Convenient for Travel BPA Free 18 OZ. (Blue) This BPA free, High-Density Polyethylene dog water bottle is both stylish and colourful (the packaging is also gorgeous).

Their patented design combines a dog water bottle and water bowl into one.

This makes it handy not only for hiking and walks in the park but for longer trips and camping.

The bottle holds 520ml of water – that’s the equivalent of a medium-sized water bottle.

The cap at the top is foldable and becomes a food standard silicone dog water bowl. You pull the lid up to make it into a bowl, give the bottle a squeeze and the bowl will fill with water.

lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs, Dog Water Bottle Foldable, Dog Travel Water Bottle, Dog Water Dispenser, Lightweight & Convenient for Travel BPA Free 18 OZ. (Blue) Your dog can then use this as a normal water bowl. It’s best to hold it up for your dog when drinking.

The base of the bowl/lid has a leak-proof lock. This top rotational buckle is designed to make sure the water doesn’t return back into the bottle while your dog is drinking.

Inside this water dispenser is a sealed silicone gasket to stop it from leaking in your backpack.

The water bowl element used food standard silicone and is the perfect solution for dogs who prefer a water bowl for drinking.

This is certainly one of the best travel water bottles for dogs that we have used. It’s a great dog hiking water bottle or for any adventure long and short.

2. Vivaglory 750ml Leakproof Dog Water Bottle

Easy to carry and with an adjustable strap, this dog water bottle comes complete with a neoprene bottle holder.

We particularly love this holder as the strap can be easily put over your shoulder freeing your hands up. The straps are well sewn and comfortable to avoid rubbing on your or becoming tiresome after a time.

3. PupFlask Portable Water Bottle [USA]

A different style of water bottle comes with this flask design. It’s simple, it’s effective and it’s made of stainless steel.

Fill it with water from a tap, pull the waterproof top down and off you go. When your dog gets thirsty, the top flips up and becomes a self-contained drinking bowl. If you have a large breed or need to carry more water – you can detach the top and use it on a large water bottle instead.

4. TIOVERY Dog Water Bottle

This dog travel water bottle includes a fluorescent belt for carrying or attaching to your backpack or dogs harness.

5. KONG H2O – Insulated Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle

KONG H2O KGK9RED Stainless Steel Water Bottle 700ml, One Size Most dog owners will be familiar with Kong’s distinctive range of products such as their cone toy.

This stainless steel bottle has a silicon cover which keeps the bottle insulated. The lid is a twist-lock made from polypropylene.

The top is removable, so no need to keep it attached. Simply pour some water into the cup and let your dog drink.

Reviews of the kong are favourable – it’s a good bottle. If you want something strong and robust without all the added extras, then it’s worth looking at this Kong bottle.

6. Highwave AutoDogMug [USA]

There’s nothing very exciting about this water bottle but if you’re looking for something strong and robust that can take a lot of wear and tear – this may be for you.

7. Anpetbest Dog Water Bottle

Anpetbest Travel Water Bottle 325ML /11oz Water Dispenser Portable Mug for Dogs,Cats and Other Small Animals Our final pet water bottle is a 650ml/22oz all-in-one design made of BPA free Plastic.

Simply fill the bottle from a tap, snap it into the holder and take it on your travels.

When your dog is thirsty, flip the plastic shell and either place it on a surface or hold it up on your hand so the bottle is upright. Then squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl. Be careful not to squeeze too hard, else it’ll squirt water everywhere.

It’s designed to be leakproof and comes with a handy carry strap.

This is a fairly simple bottle but is an inexpensive option.

It’s worth pointing out that this bottle is not freestanding, you will need to hold it in place whilst your dog drinks – else it will topple over.


We hope you enjoyed our portable pet water bottle collection. When walking on a hot day, it is crucial that you keep your dog hydrated.

Dog water bottles can be a handy and useful way to hydrate your dog while on the move. Think about which design is best for your dog as well as how you plan to carry it. While some dogs will be perfectly happy drinking from a nozzle – others prefer to stay with a bowl design they are familiar with.

If you have other suggestions for keeping your dog hydrated, comment below or start a conversation on our Facebook page.


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