Best Dog Toys for Dachshunds – Our Top 11 for 2024

Reviewing the best dog toys for Dachshunds. We cover the types of toys, which are best suited and why toys are important.
best dog toys for dachshunds

Few things will keep a Dachshund entertained for longer than their favourite dog toy. Dachshunds (also known as Wiener or Sausage dogs) are playful, intelligent and somewhat stubborn dogs. Distinct for their long bodies and short legs, they are a hugely popular breed in many countries.

They’re also very lively. Many dog owners will testify to this, with their Dachies always on the move looking to be entertained. Unsurprisingly most Dachshunds love to play with toys. They also love to destroy toys through excessive chewing – often due to boredom, loneliness or, in the case of a puppy, teething.

This makes finding a great dog toy for a Dachshund a bit of a trial and error affair. Though there are hundreds of different dog toys out there for them to chase, chew, fetch and paw – many don’t last very long.

This article will review the best dog toys for Dachshunds. We will discuss the types of toys, which are best suited for the breed and offer some hints and tips to keep your dog entertained.


Best Dog Toys for Dachshund – Our Top Eleven

1. 🏆 KONG – Classic Dog Toy

Dachshund Adult Size

Dachshund Puppy Size

KONG - Classic Dog Toy - Durable Natural Rubber - Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch - for Small Dogs A lot of dog owners will be familiar with this classic dog toy from KONG; it’s the ideal distraction for dogs of all sizes.

The basic design is a red rubber cone. This in itself is great for games of fetch (it even bounces), for chewing and it’s so thick and strong it’s unlikely to get destroyed by even the most aggressive of chewers.

The beauty of Kong Classic is in its use as a boredom buster when filled with treats.

Kong company sells different treats and spreads for use in the Kong Classic, but there are also hundreds of recipes online to choose from.

The most common option dog owners choose usually involves filling the KONG Classic with peanut butter (xylitol-free) and a ration of your dog’s food.

You can even freeze that so that it lasts longer when you give it to your Dachshund.

2. Outward Hound Ottosson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

Outward Hound 67333 Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Puzzle Game Toy for Dogs, Blue Does your Daschund fancy a challenge to keep them busy?

Your Daschund will have a lot of fun with this puzzle dog toy as they wrestle, nuzzle and paw the various contraptions on the hunt for hidden treats.

But there’s a payoff for all that effort and persistence! There are even more hidden riches inside this well-designed puzzle game.

Three core functions make up this great toy; flipping the lids of compartments to get that all desirable treat, sliding doors over to reveal treats or removing sections yet another treat.

There’s a lot in this puzzle game, and it offers your Dachshund, both mental and physical stimulation. As with other dog toy puzzles; it helps reduce overly fast-eating. For dogs who are generally disinterested in food, it can also be used for positive reinforcement training.

Key Highlights:

  • Provides Dachshunds with a unique challenge
  • Mixes feeding with stimulation, foraging and exploration
  • Helps with dogs who over-eat or tend to eat too quickly

3. KONG – Tires – Durable Rubber Chew Toy and Treat Dispenser

KONG - Tires - Durable Rubber Chew Toy and Treat Dispenser for Power Chewers - For Medium/Large Dogs Made from some of the toughest natural, durable rubber – the Kong Tire is a cool looking, robust chew toy.

The fun circular shape means it can be used to throw for fetch or gripped for games of tug-of-war.

Dog owners can fill the inner-hole with treats to keep your dog busy and continuing to explore; this is a great dog toy that suits Dachshunds of all ages, from puppy to adult.

As a nearly indestructible toy, it’s great for even the most ardent of chewers.

As with most chew doy toys, it’s also great for Dachshund puppies who are teething.

Key Highlights:

  • A great chew toy for Dachshunds of any age
  • Good for gums and teething puppies
  • Near-endless chewing

4. Chuckit Ultra Ball

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack While a tennis ball may suffice, they don’t usually last long in the jaws of a real chewer.

These bouncy balls are all the rage at the moment. Not only are they bright and colourful, making them easy to spot in the grass, but they also fit into those ball launchers.

Because they’re made from tough rubber, they bounce well against many surfaces and, most importantly, they’re built to last.

The rubber also makes them buoyant, so they’re perfect for water-based play.

They may not last forever with a power chewer – but they at least stand a chance. Colourful, inexpensive and fun – we’re never without a few on standby.

Key Highlights:

  • Strong rubber that should last a long time
  • Bright and colourful so easy to spot when playing fetch

5. Zicosy Snuffle Mat for Dogs [UK]

USA and Canada readers can also check out the PAW5 Snuffle Mat

PAW5: Wooly Snuffle Mat - Feeding Mat for Dogs (12" x 18") - Encourages Natural Foraging Skills - Easy to Fill - Fun to Use Design - Durable and Machine Washable - Perfect for Any Breed If you’ve never encountered a snuffle mat before – they’re a great tool to encourage a dog’s natural desire to forage.

Snuffle mats are not only fun for your dog but promotes healthy eating, mental activity and good exercise. Primarily, these dense mats are designed to mimic the undergrowth.

The shuffle mat is made from thick piles of fabric. Treats are placed in the undergrowth, which then is ‘snuffled’ through by your Dachshund.

The outcome is a stimulation of your Dachie’s sense of smell, triggering their innate ability to sniff out food. Not only can this increase your dog’s appetite – but it can also prevent eating food too quickly.

The mat is durable, made from non-harmful upcycled fabrics and well suited to a Dachshund.

It is also is machine-washable, and can also be used as a mat suitable for a lie-down.

Key Highlights:

  • Dogs that eat too fast
  • Dogs that are not overly interested in food
  • Stimulating the sense of smell and foraging instincts

6. RUFFWEAR Chew-Resistant Rubber Dog Toy

Essentially a stick – but a near-indestructible, high-quality, rubber stick your Dachshund can happily chew or fetch without resulting in a mouth filled with splinters.

It floats in water and lasts for ages – even with a real chewer. We also love the bright colours available.

RUFFWEAR - Gnawt-a-Stick Durable Dog Toy, Metolius Blue

7. RUFFWEAR Chew-Resistant Gnawt-a-Rock

RUFFWEAR - Gnawt-a-Rock Durable Dog Toy, Dandelion Yellow A great alternative to the Kong classic and a fantastic bright and colourful treat dispenser.

Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Rock comes in a different shape to KONG Classic, but it works similarly.

It is made out of durable rubber which can resist a lot of chewing.

The unusual shape is more interesting for playing with your dog as it results in an erratic bounce, thus adding the element of the unknown to the game.

The toy has two holes for adding treats, and similarly to the Kong Classic, you can use different recipes to fill it.

The benefit here over the Kong toy is that you can fill it just with dry treats and let your dog push it around to get the treats out, whereas the treats would fall straight out of the Kong Classic.

8. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy, Fun Giggle Sounds, As Seen On TV Bit of a crazy toy, the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, is an alternative to the old squeaky ball.

This ball emits sounds and giggles while it’s being pushed, shaken or carried around.

It is made out of flexible and safe vinyl, with multiple pockets which allow easy picking up.

The noises are quite unusual but are likely to engage your dog’s curiosity and instinct to investigate.

We can’t promise your ears will thank us, but your dog is sure to love trying out the new toy.

Should you find that your dog isn’t too sure about the new toy at first, you can pair the ball with some treats.

You can even use the little pockets to wedge a treat in for added excitement.

9. KONG – Flyer

KONG - Flyer - Durable Rubber Flying Disc Dog Toy - For Small Dogs If you’ve never tried giving your dog a frisbee, here’s a good toy to try!

Not quite the traditional frisbee toy, Kong Flyer is made out of soft rubber.

With this material, you can ensure your dog has a nice and safe game of fetch.

Be sure to teach your dog how to fetch before just throwing the Flyer.

The benefit of the rubber is that the Flyer can also bounce a bit if your dachshund didn’t quite manage to catch it mid-air.

It’s unlikely they will do that, but that doesn’t mean they won’t like the toy.

The toy should also allow a good grip on the toy for both you and your dog, so you could always reward them with a little game of tug when they return the toy.

10. ZippyPaws – Woodland Friends Burrow [USA]

ZippyPaws - Woodland Friends Burrow, Interactive Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy - Chipmunks ‘n Log This dog toy is anything but boring, and that means for you too.

The central part is a soft log with holes in it. The toy includes three squeaky chipmunks.

While that might be exciting, the idea is to stuff the chipmunks in the log and get your dog to pull them all out.

Don’t be surprised if your Dachshund burrows in themselves and starts hiding in the log.

We will add though that the log isn’t very durable and it wouldn’t be suitable for an above-average unless you supervise and take it away when you see fit.

To be fair, it is best to supervise your dog when they are playing with any toy, no matter how safe it may look.

Provided you keep the log in one piece, you can always use your dog’s other toys to hide in the log, such as tennis balls, or even a KONG Classic as an extra challenge to reaching the tasty treats.

11. Trixie Dog Activity Gambling Tower

Trixie Gambling Tower, Level 1 Do you have a little doggie Einstein? Might be worth putting that to the test with the Trixie Dog Activity Gambling Tower.

There is no actual gambling going on, so don’t start worrying that you might create an addition in your dog.

Trixie toys come in several versions with varying difficulties, with the gambling tower being one of the easy options.

The tower has three levels, you fill it with treats, and let your dog figure out a way to get the treats to the ground floor.

You might need to help guide your dog a little bit at first, just to avoid them knocking the toy over out of frustration or throwing it around in an attempt to break it.

Once your dog gets into the game, it will serve as fantastic mental stimulation, especially for those dogs who always seem to be on the go.

Types of Toys for Dachshunds

There is a wide range of dog toys available for your Dachshund. Some will keep them entertained, others help them to eat better, and others can be played with by owner and dog together.

  • Retrieving Toys

Retrieving tasks are not only great exercise for your Dachshund but are suitable for training. The concept is simple; you throw an object – your Dachie retrieves it.

Sometimes this may be as simple as using a stick, but as you’ve probably noticed – once they chew on it – it creates quite a mess and not always a desirable thing to have in the house.

These dog toys can be made of rope, rubber or similar and are designed to be lightweight for throwing and retrieving as well as tough for chewing on.

These pet toys will be reasonably straightforward – no squeakers or floppy bit which can interfere with training and teach other behaviour. Some are also designed to be buoyant when playing in the water.

  • Balls

We’re lucky/unlucky enough to live by a schoolyard. Dozens and dozens of rogue tennis balls enter our back garden. Though we attempt to return all of them – sometimes our dogs get to them before we do.

Balls are great for all dogs. They can chew them; they can chase them, they can play with them. As Dachshunds can be reasonably persistent chewers – you may find your average tennis ball doesn’t last long. Other, more robust, types of balls are available – often made from rubber.

This not only makes them last a lot longer, but it also gives them something to chew on without worrying about bits of tennis ball all over the sofa.

  • Chew Toys

Designed for chewing, these are great Daschund toys for not only keeping your dog entertained but to help them maintain healthy teeth and gums. They’re also great for puppies who are teething. If you’re looking for something durable, rubber bones or rings are ideal – there are even edible chew toys.

  • Plush Toys

Whether they’re a puppy or a full-grown adult – dog’s tend to love plush toys. Often they are designed after animals like Squirrels, Rabbits, Ducks – these soft toys are a firm favourite with all breeds.

Sometimes they come with a squeaker – though some owners avoid the squeaky toys. They can be played with, chased, chewed or used as a tug-of-war.

They tend not to last long, but they’re certainly a lot of fun while they last.

  • Licky Toys

You may not have seen these before, but they can be an excellent Dachshund toy to keep your dog busy.

If you require a distraction or are leaving your dogs for a short period, providing them with lickimat or a Kong Classic will help keep them occupied and relaxed.

Licking can help reduce stress hormones, can aid with separation anxiety and, in most cases, are tasty as well.

  • Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys can range from sophisticated, interactive treat dispenser toys to mental stimulation task tools to ways to slow your dogs eating time down.

For a mental stimulation toy for your dog – start with something simple and long-term such as a snuffle mat. Like humans, dogs need time to learn and problem-solve; so proving a challenging puzzle too soon may lead to frustration and rejection of the toys.

You can find some puzzle toys that have advancement levels – from basic to expert.

  • Interactive Toys

Essentially, these are toys where human and dogs interact. This may be as simple as a rope toy for a game of tug, or a set of Puller Interactive rings, combining fetch, tug, and swapping games.

dachshund, frisbee, dog

Why Are Dog Toys Important?

As fun as toys may be, they aren’t just an optional part of your dog’s life; they are essential to the proper development of your dog.

The primary role of dog toys is to entertain your Dachshund. Dogs love toys, or at least most dogs love toys. In some cases, it is merely a matter of finding the right toy. This is particularly true for dogs who have not had the best start in life, so not only will you need the right toy, you will also likely need a lot of time and patience.

During puppyhood, dog toys are beneficial for training as well as keeping your Dachshund puppy entertained.

They can be used by owners to teach their puppies patience and self-control, redirect their nipping, and toys can even help with managing pain during teething. Even a simple old towel can become a useful toy for an excited puppy.

Puppies use their mouths to explore the world, as well as having to deal with the pain of teething, so there are toys which help manage their chewing behaviours. This goes for adult dogs too so that you can save your shoes and furniture.

All dogs should get ental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Toys are suitable for this as well. Bored dogs will have too much excess energy, and they will find something to do by themselves. Providing them with mental stimulation, such as puzzle toys, will tire their little brains out until they are ready for a walk or bed.

If you wish to build some independence in your dog, there are toys which can help you on your path to preventing separation anxiety.

While separation anxiety is something that needs to be carefully managed, ideally with some help from a trained professional, you can use toys to help you along the way.

Toys which require your Dachshund’s full attention and concentration might help keep them in one room, while you’re busy with something elsewhere in the house.

With dog toys like that, you can slowly build up the time your dog can be separate from your without being distressed. Be sure to get back to your dog before their attention turns to looking for you.

As well as mental stimulation, some toys will promote calmness in your dog. This will depend on your dog, but toys which require a lot of sniffing will usually tire your dog out and keep them calmer than if they went out for a walk. Something like a snuffle mat encourages your dog’s natural desire for foraging safely.

Licky mats, as the name suggests, are mats made for licking. Usually, you spread some wet food or peanut butter on it. Licking behaviours are supposed to soothe and calm your dog.

Don’t forget that toys are not a substitute for your attention. Toys are tools to strengthen and improve your relationship with your dog.

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We hope this article on the best dog toys for Daschunds has helped with your buying decisions. There are a wide variety of Daschund toys out there; whether it’s for interaction, chewing, reducing boredom or even slowing down their eating.

Daschunds do like to chew and can be pretty hard going on any dog toy they get in their mouths, so whether in the park or their crate – find something built to last.

You can read more about dog toys in our special section here. If you have any suggestions or have tried any of these dog toys with your Dachshund, leave a comment in the comments section or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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