6 Best Crates For Pugs [Picks, Sizes & Training for 2024]

Complete article on the best dog crates for Pugs. Includes crate sizes, training advice, reviews and tips.
Best Crates For Pugs

Pugs are probably one of the cleverest and charming breeds in the world today. That’s why they are so popular in the UK, Europe and the USA as well as around the world. Pugs are as happy in a big city or town environment as they are in more rural areas.

Some pugs can be high maintenance and generally need a lot more attention than some other breeds. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that accessories like dog crates are carefully chosen.

The great news is there’s a wide variety of different dog crates for pugs at prices to suit almost any budget. Our top tip is to go for the best quality you can for the price you want to pay.

Here we take a closer look at how to make your prize pug more comfortable in the home or on the move with the best Pug crate.

We’ll be exploring what to look for when buying a pug friendly dog crate, what size is best and offering some helpful tips on successful training.


Best Crates for Pugs – Our Top Six

1. 🏆 MidWest iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit

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Recommended Pug Size - 24 inch

The complete dog crate kit for both adult and puppy Pugs. The metal frame has a double door (one on the front and side). The kit also comes with bed which fits nicely into the bottom of the crate,  privacy crate cover and two pet bowls which can be attached to the frame.

2. Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

6 Best Crates For Pugs [Picks, Sizes & Training for [wpsm_custom_meta type=date field=year]] 2
Recommended Pug Size - 24 inch

3. EliteField 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

6 Best Crates For Pugs [Picks, Sizes & Training for [wpsm_custom_meta type=date field=year]] 3
Recommended Pug Size - 24 inch

4. PET Expressions 24 Inch Foldable Dog Crate

5. AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate, 26″

6. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

This is the same as the iCrate Starter Kit without all the extras.

About Dog Crates For Pugs

So what are dog crates and why are they useful?

A dog crate is a perfect place for your pug to rest for a short time or to sleep at night. They are often called indoor kennels but they can also be used for transporting your favourite pet when you, for example, visit the vet or head out for a walk away from home.

Some owners buy dog crates for use exclusively in the car so they can keep the upholstery nice and clean and secure. A decent-sized crate also ensures their pug is safely contained during any journey.

As with any dog breed, pugs can become a little insecure when you leave them alone. A dog crate is a bit of personal space they can retreat to if they feel threatened.

In short, there are several benefits for investing in a dog crate for your pug:

  • It’s a safe spot your dog can use whenever it feels like it. This is especially important if you have a busy household with lots of people or you go out to work each day.
  • Some owners let their pug sleep on the bed but this can be inconvenient for others. Setting up a dog crate in the bedroom or somewhere else in the house ensures comfort isn’t compromised and the dog has a regular place to rest.
  • If you need to confine your pug for a short while, perhaps when you have visitors, a dog crate is ideal and highly convenient.
  • A dog crate is also perfect for transporting from one location to another. As pugs aren’t particularly big dogs you can easily carry them and they easily fit into any car, whether that’s on the back seat or an open boot area.
  • If your pug does need an operation at the vets, it’s a secure way to transport them back and will keep them safe and secure.

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Selecting Your Dog Crate

With so much choice on the market nowadays, it can be pretty difficult to settle on the best dog crate for your pug without at least a bit of research. Ideally, you want a product that it is well-ventilated but which gives your dog enough room to move around comfortably.

For those using the dog crate in the home, external space is going to be an issue. Before you buy, check where you are going to place the cage. It shouldn’t be in the way of normal traffic but should be accessible and somewhere that your pug feels safe.

Many people choose the bedroom as a place to locate their dog crate, for example. Dogs are creatures of habit so pick a spot that you can use all the time. Whatever location you choose, measure it and make sure you can move around it without too much inconvenience.

Most dog crates come with a plastic, removable base which needs to be cleaned. You’ll need to put in some bedding so that your pug is comfortable, perhaps a blanket or cushion. Maybe they’ll want to take their toys into this space too. It’s important to take all these factors into account when you decide on the size.

Of course, you may just want your dog crate for transportation. Some owners use them exclusively in the car because it keeps the dog safe and also stops them making a mess of the upholstery. If you are buying a dog crate for this reason, you might also want to look at other features such as doggy seatbelts.

While pugs are relatively small breeds, some dogs prefer more space, others a little less. A lot will depend on the temperament of your pet and how easily you can train them to use the crate.

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What Size Crate for my Pug?

Pugs can vary in size, but you still want to find a cage which is spacious and gives them room to stretch out and move around. Although you could go with a slightly smaller size (anything from 16″ to 22″ works depending if they are a puppy or fully grown), we recommend the Pug crate size to be 24 inches.

Some people want to get a more exact fit for their pug. It’s easy to measure and choose your dog crate according.
First, measure the height of your pug from the top of the head to the paws. Next measure from the tip of the nose to the tail base. Ideally, you should add three to four inches for the right size cage, depending on what you intend to use it for.

If you are creating an in-house kennel for your pug, for example, you may want to make it a bit roomier. Don’t forget the cushion or blanket you might be using in the crate as well as any toys and take this into account.

Finally, another aspect to consider is where the dog crate for your pug is going to be placed. Make sure it isn’t too large for your chosen location while still providing enough comfort. Many a dog owner has purchased a large crate for the car and then been frustrated when it won’t fit on the back seat or boot.

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Dog Crates For Pugs: A Breakdown

The most common type of dog crate is made of wire, with the frame providing full visibility all around. There is usually a base made of hard plastic or metal which is easy to remove and clean if needed.

There are a few simple options with these kinds of product. The first is whether you have a two-door or one door dog crate. The two-door gives you more flexibility – they have one door at the front of the crate and one at the side.

For those with limited space where the crate will always be in the same place, a single door will suffice.

Most dog crates of this kind are foldable which makes them easier to transport. This is perfect if you are going to be using the crate indoors as well as in your car. Some models, however, can be a little tricky to collapse so always check the reviews before buying to see if there are any problems.

The other big benefit of a wire dog crate is that it is perfect if your pug likes to chew a lot or is always looking to escape. They are strong and fairly sturdy while still giving plenty of visibility.

There are other options other than the traditional wire dog crate. Soft crates have the advantage of being a little more lightweight and the frame can either be metal or plastic. The rest of the crate is made up of soft material.

Travel crates are specifically designed for transporting a pug from one location to another over a short time. They are not dens or places of sanctuary where your dog will spend a lot of time. If you just want something to take your dog to the vets on occasion, these are perfectly suitable.

Car crates, on the other hand, are a little roomier and designed for keeping your dog safe and secure while travelling. Whether you are heading out for a long trip or simply to the nearby beach for a walk, they are designed to fit on the back seat or in an open boot area of a car.

Some crates come with additional features such as more doors, clips for holding water bowls and doggy seat belts. Whether you need any of these will depend on your pug and what your preferences are.

Some pug owners go for more than one type of dog crate. They have one in the home which is more spacious and a separate, smaller one for transportation.

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Crate Training Your Pug Puppy: A Starter’s Guide

One of the big challenges with any dog crate is training your pug to use it. Some dogs have a docile temperament and are easy to teach. Others can be a little nervy and frightened of the enclosed space.

Pugs can be enticed into your dog crate using treats:

  • Sit next to the crate with your dog and place some tasty treats near the entrance.
  • Next, put the treats further back in the crate so that your pug goes directly inside.
  • Once they get used to doing this and are happy to settle down and sit for a while, start moving away, a little at a time.
  • The idea is to be able to leave your pug in the cage and move into another room without them following you.
  • Another way to settle them might be to put their favourite toy inside.
  • Once they have begun to get used to their new space you can start closing the door and leaving it for a little while.

Training your pug to use the crate may take a good deal of patience but it’s worth persevering. You can be reasonably firm but be attuned to when your dog has had enough for the day. Training can take a few hours for some pugs, days and even weeks for others.

It’s a lot easier to train pugs to go in the crate if you use it for taking them on walks. They will quickly learn to associate the cage with fun and getting out and about. A few treats in the crate to start with will make things even easier.

Dog Crates: Hints and Tips for Pugs

  • When you first get your dog crate delivered, it’s won’t be particularly comfortable. A favourite blanket or cushion should soon solve this problem. Creating a cosier place for your dog to settle, with a blanket will make a big difference in how quickly you can train them to use it regularly.
  • Wire crates are open all around but you can make it a more private place by simply draping a blanket over the top. Don’t use your dog crate as a way to punish your pug. The reason for this is that they will quickly associate the space with something negative, which means they will try to avoid it as much as possible.
  • Don’t put the dog crate where your dog is likely to be uncomfortable. For example, avoid busy places where there is a lot of footfall or excitement. Don’t place the crate next to a radiator or in front of a window where there is direct sunlight. Also, make sure you haven’t put the crate in a draughty location.
  • If you are using the dog crate for a longish journey, encourage your pug to go to the toilet before you set off. The last thing you want is an unhappy accident. If the journey is a long one, stop at regular intervals to give them the chance to do their business.
  • While a dog crate can make a great indoor kennel, you shouldn’t keep your pug locked up for long periods. The door should be open and the dog allowed to come and go as they please.
  • Pugs can be a little on the nervous side especially at night. Somewhere close to the bedroom or even next to the bed may be best if you have a pooch that is likely to suffer from separation anxiety.


Because pugs are relatively small, there are a wide variety of different dog crates you can buy online nowadays. Your final choice is going to depend on what you want to use the crate for. If you are intending it to be an inhouse kennel, a wire crate is ideal and comes in different sizes.

Taking time to look at your options is essential when buying any dog crate. Don’t forget that you need to think about things like bedding as well as the size of your pug. Get it right and you should expect your dog crate to last a lifetime.

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