9 Best Dog Clippers for Poodles – Hair Style Pawfection!

Welcome to our complete guide to the best dog clippers for poodles. If you’ve ever been to or watched a dog show like Crufts on the television, you’ll be aware of some of the intricate and elaborate do’s the poodles often sport.

Unless you are planning on rolling up to Crufts or a dog show near you anytime soon, though, you don’t need to worry about giving your poodle such an intense and precise clipping.


While you may want to leave it to professional groomers if you’re going to save a little money you should consider investing in some quality clippers. But as there are so many out there, how do you know what the best clippers are for poodles?

In this post, we are going to help you as we look at the different types of poodle haircuts that are possible, the various equipment you need and tips for clipping your poodle safely and successfully.

Hair Clippers for Poodles: Summary Table

PositionNail ClippersOnline RatingAvailable Online
1Wahl Arco Cordless ClipperBuy on Amazon
2Andis Ultraedge AGC Super 2 Speed Brushless Clipper [UK]Buy on Amazon
3OMorc Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Pet ClippersNo products found.No products found.
4PETKING - Dog Grooming Clippers for PetsBuy on Amazon
5Wahl Super Groom Premium Pet ClipperBuy on Amazon
6Sminiker Low Noise Pet ClippersBuy on Amazon
7Oster A6 Comfort Three Speed Pet ClipperBuy on Amazon
8GOFUN Pet Grooming ClippersNo products found.No products found.
9Sminiker Pet Grooming KitBuy on Amazon

What To Look For In Poodle Clippers

Generally, people will opt for corded varieties as the best hair clippers for poodles. This is because they do not need charging up and are unlikely to run out of power when you’re only partway through clipping your pooch.

Remember, although poodle’s hair is a single coat, it can tangle easily, and that makes clipping a more intensive task.

That’s not to say cordless is not suitable at all. They work well for when it’s a light trim or when you are making little refinements here and there to your poodle’s coat. For a full-body clipping, though, we would recommend corded.

9 Best Dog Clippers for Poodles - Hair Style Pawfection!

Different Types of Dog Hair Clipper Blades

The aspect of finding the best hair clippers for your poodle that you should pay most attention to, rather than the clippers themselves, is the actual blades. We have tried to list the most crucial pieces of information regarding blades below.

The Blade Number

  • When you look at any blade available, there will be a number on it, and this denotes the length the fur you clip will be trimmed to. The rule of thumb is lower numbers mean it will be further away from the skin, whereas higher numbers suggest it will be closer.
  • There is a comb that attaches to the blade. This works as a spacer. The length of the comb is the fur length left behind and helps to produce a more even and more extended trim.
  • Along with the number on a blade, you may also find an F. this refers to Finishing blade. Finishing blades are the kind used by many professionals and dog show attendees. If there is no F, the blade is by default a skip-tooth model.
  • Two of the most common materials for clipper blades are stainless-steel and ceramic. Stainless steel is a great option, but ceramic blades might be the better option for several reasons, including the fact that they tend to have a longer shelf life and stay cooler for longer than the alternatives.

When tackling the clipping of your poodle, you should make sure you have access to blades in the following sizes:

  • 15 and 10 for the tail base and feet
  • 4F or 7F for finishing
  • 30 to be used with a comb
  • And either a 1-inch or ¾-inch comb

With time you may choose different blades and combs as you familiarise yourself with the process, but as a beginner, those are great accessories to start with.

Different Types of Poodle Hair Clipping Styles

Different Types of Poodle Hair Clipping Styles

As you are probably aware, there are three different sizes of poodle, toy, miniature and standard. While they may differ in size, they all share similar qualities, including their coats. They all have the same fur with a very natural coarse feel to it, that’s also incredibly dense.

Interestingly, if left to grow, poodles fur gets corded. Most owners, though, try to stop this from happening as corded coats are not the easiest to deal with and care for.

With a corded coat, you have the problem of bathing it, which can lead to your dog being wet for a couple of days while it dries properly.

Much like clothes that don’t dry quickly enough, if it takes too long or it isn’t totally dry, it can start to smell musty and unpleasant. Poodles with corded fur tend to pick more dirt, debris and even sticks up too.

Therefore, even though poodles have a reputation for shedding less hair generally than other dogs, that you might still want to stick to a routine of clipping their fur.

There are three main ways to clip a poodle:

The Classic Continental Look, Often Referred to as the Lion Cut

To clip in this style, you need to shave the back fur, leg fur and side fir of your poodle very short, leaving an untouched ring, known as the bracelet around each of their ankles and a tail ball of fur, known as the pom-pom.

You then need to tackle their face, shaving it shorter than the length it originally was, but still longer than the fur on the rest of the body.

Keep the hair on the top of their head to act as the crown. Regardless of the style you choose, whether it is this one or those mentioned below, you should always trim the fur that grows long in front of and down beside their eyes.

The Lamb Cut

For a so-called lamb cut, you need to clip the fur, so it is short at the dog’s back but gradually lengthens out closer to the neck. You may need to switch blades doing this by using the shortest length you have at the back, and then increasing size as you move forward to their neck.

The Teddy Bear Style

By far the simplest, this should have the finished look with the entire body having fur the same length apart from their feet and face.

9 Best Dog Clippers for Poodles

1. 🏆 Wahl Arco Cordless Clipper

Wahl Arco Cordless Clipper Wahl Arco Cordless Clipper No ratings yet

NEW Moser Arco 1854 Professional Animal Hair Trimmer Clipper Dogs Pet Cut Retail Wahl makes an extensive and impressive range of dog grooming products. There’s a variety of clippers too, and many suited to poodles.

Our particular favourite is the Arco cordless clipper as it’s the entire starting kit we need without having to delve into extras (though there are optional stainless steel combs if you’re interested – they’re not a necessity).

They’re great clippers for both the smaller parts of your poodle such as the head and legs as well as the overall body.

The blade length is adjustable from 0.07 cm to 0.3 cm (equivalent to blade sizes 50, 40, 30, 15 and 10 that we previously mentioned in the article).

We like the soundproofing on these clippers. Especially if you’re doing this for the first time, loud clippers can scare your dog making clipping quite a challenge – so the padding of sound makes a big difference.

The acro also comes with a rechargeable power supply – which makes it flexible. It’s a great clipper and a professional choice. If, however, you’re not ready for a professional clipper – you may want to keep reading.

2. Andis Ultraedge AGC Super 2 Speed Brushless Clipper [UK]

Andis Andis Ultraedge AGC Super 2 Speed Brushless Clipper (AGCB), Burgundy We wanted to put this professional clipper on the top spot – and we love it – but for first-time groomers and those at home – it may be a little daunting figuring out all the requirements for that professional look.

. The price may be off-putting at first, but the investment and quality of these long-lasting grooming clippers make them worth considering.

The Andis Untraedge is an excellent example of professional clippers for both groomers and dog owners alike.

Available in a range of five colours, this two-speed clipper utilises an innovative brushless motor delivers improved torque and power.

The two speeds run at a lower rate of 3,000 strokes per minute or the higher setting of 3,800 strokes per minute.

This clipper has detachable blades that can be replaced, though the Andis CeramicEdge No. 10 Blade provided should last a long time.

This clipper also comes with oil for better blade maintenance.

Though the 10F provided blade will serve the more intimate areas of your poodle well – you may consider an additional blade or the variety of plastic blade guards.

We’ve previously discussed the blade types for perfect Poodle grooming, and you may find it a little confusing at first – but if you want that professional look – these are some of the best on the market. If, however, you’re starting or aren’t sure – you may want to keep reading for our more complete set collections.

3. OMorc Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Pet Clippers

We now enter into the lower budget range of dog clippers. The OMorc is a hugely popular choice of clippers for beginners. Don’t expect them to last forever, but for the price, they’re an excellent place to start.

This isn’t just a clipper but rather a complete dog grooming kit.

4. PETKING – Dog Grooming Clippers for Pets

Another budget entry-level dog clipper kit for beginners new to grooming their Poodle at home. A very popular selling item, don’t expect miracles for the price – but still a good choice.

5. Wahl Super Groom Premium Pet Clipper [UK]

Wahl Super Groom Premium Pet Clipper Our second Wahl selection in this collection is the Super Groom clipper. This is a great but more general clipper set for all different sorts of breeds and coat types.

Lasting around 100 minutes per charge, this ultra-quiet clipper uses a power drive motor for a clean cutting experience. It’s still a solid choice for a Poodle with several owners online recommending it.

These are particularly good for tangled and matted fur, which can become a challenge for some clippers.

Wahl makes excellent clippers, and these are no exception. The blades are replaceable, and the kit includes oil for maintaining the blades and reducing over-heating during use.

The blade length can be adjusted depending on the cut and allows a blade length of 0.7 mm- 3 mm as standard.

It’s also a nice looking clipper with a chrome-plated exterior. LED lights at the base tell you what the current charge is, though you can use it wired if required.

Another excellent addition to this clipper is the six attachment combs included. These allow for cutting lengths of 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm and 25 mm which are super easy to switch out, clean and maintain.

6. Sminiker Low Noise Pet Clippers

7. Oster A6 Comfort Three Speed Pet Clipper

Oster A6 Comfort Dog Grooming clipper without blades The three-speed takes this clipper to a new level, taking on dog hair of different degrees of thickness and matting.

The outer layer has a rubberised grip to allow you to give some strength behind the cut without the worry of your hand slipping.

Those three speeds are 3100, 3600 and 4100 strokes per second.

This clipper is very much geared towards professional groomers and is built to last.

As well as being durable, it uses lightweight zinc which reduces both weight and the cumulative heat it generates over a long time.

Included with this clipper is blade oil for keeping it maintained and preparing the blade for cutting as well as a cleaning brush.

As a standalone cutter, this deserves a prime place on the list – but this is not an “out of the box” solution. You will need to buy the required blades and any combs separately.  That said, they’re easy to find, and you can get precisely what you need rather than the sizes provided.

8. GOFUN Pet Grooming Clippers

GOFUN Pet Grooming Clippers, Professional Dog Clippers Cat Grooming Clippers for Thick Hair Dogs, Cats and Horses Five speeds of clipping make the GOFUN a compelling option for harsher or more matted hair.

This isn’t really one for a Poodle with soft or thinner fur – but if you’re finding standard clippers just aren’t doing the job – the GOFUN will provide the extra kick you need.

Stroker per minute can be set to 5000 up to 7000.

One nice feature is the digital screen at the base that shows the current setting to avoid accidentally starting at the wrong speed.

This clipper has three sizes of adjustable blade ranging from 1.3mm to 1.9mm so it can offer variable lengths of clipping for your Poodle.

Despite the power of this clipper, it’s relatively quiet.

It can be used as a battery-powered clipper, the battery lasting around about 4 hours after a charge. Alternatively, it comes with a generous lengthed power cable – so you can use either depending on preference.

This kit does not come with oil, however, and we strongly recommend sourcing some to keep the blade well lubricated and maintained.

9. Sminiker Pet Grooming Kit

Added these at the end. Not dissimilar to the other Sminiker listed but this product contains an entire grooming kit including nail clippers.


We hope you found our guide useful in selecting the best grooming clippers for poodles. Whether you have a standard poodle that needs a trim, or you want that Hollywood chic hairstyle – we hope you can find a clipper to suit your needs.

Always remember to select a clipper that suits your dog and the results you are trying to achieve.

To have a successful grooming session you’ll want to consider the blades, guide combs, the speed for your Poodles hair type and most important to keep the blades lubricated and well maintained.

Whatever look you’re aiming for with your poodle, we’re sure you’ll find a decent set of clippers to trim your pooch’s fur to pawfection!

Don’t forget to comment on your own experiences and recommendations below as well as checking out our other Grooming guides. Also, join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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