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Covering the best dog crates for a Cockapoo. Includes information on types, sizing, measurements and training advice.

We discuss the best collars for Pugs - including the collar types, sizing, alternatives and benefits of a pug dog collar.

Reviewing the best dog toys for Dachshunds. We cover the types of toys, which are best suited and why toys are important.

Reviewing our 8 best harnesses for a Shih Tzu. Includes our in-depth guide to dog harness types, sizing and useful hints.

The best harness for a Boston Terrier is reviewed with our top 6 picks as well as types, sizes and handy hints & tips for walking your dog.

Whether you're stuck at home, need a break or just want a way to keep your dog entertained - we look at our best toys to keep dogs busy.

Read our guide to choosing the best dog harness for a Vizsla. Includes types, measurement guides and training hints and tips.

Looking for the best Pomeranian harnesses? Check out our complete Pom harness guide including sizing, types, benefits and tips for walking.

Looking for the best harness for a Yorkie? Read our guide to the top Yorkshire Terrier harnesses with tips, sizing advice and harness types.

Looking for the best dog harness for a Labrador Retriever? Check out our review guide including types, sizing and training ideas for your Lab.

Check out our stylish collection of nine dapper shirts for your French Bulldog. Give your Frenchie the best look for any occasion.

Looking for the best dog crate for your Labrador? Read our Lab crate guide with sizing, types and puppy training tips.

Walkies with your Corgi? Take a read of our latest guide on how to select the best Corgi harness for your favourite pet.

Read our expert guide to choosing the best dog harnesses for French Bulldogs. Includes measuring and picking the right one for your Frenchie.

We all need a good night’s sleep and our dogs do too! Do you have a lovely French Bulldog in need of a new bed? Look no further – we’ve got you covered.

Searching for the best harness for pugs? Check out our tried and tested collection of the pug harnesses for your flat-faced friend.

Our experts review the 6 best harnesses for a Chihuahua and discuss what to consider when selecting the right dog harness for this tiny breed.

Border collies have their own specific physical needs - to ensure your pooch is getting the best, check out our helpful best harness for a border collie ...

If you want to cut your dog’s hair neatly and frequently, you need our introduction to dog hair clippers to make sure your pooch’s fur is perfect every time.

Do you want to know how to brush your dog’s teeth? Check out our comprehensive guide on canine dental hygiene and the common problems that can occur.

Want to know more about the best brush for your French bulldog? Check out our handy guide with all the information you need about grooming your dog.

Keeping your dog hydrated on hot days or when out and about is important. Check out our guide to dog water bottles and our top 7 choices.

Looking for the best Great Dane Harness? Check out our top six reviews of harnesses for that giant, lovable, friendly (& strong) breed.

Looking for the best dog harness for your Boxer? Check out our 6 top choices as well as our handy guide with tips and hints.

This article discusses what to look for in the best dog harness for Springer Spaniels and reviews our top six tried and tested.

Find the best harness for a dog that pulls, check out these 9 harnesses to stop pulling as well as training hints and tips.

We discuss the 7 best harnesses for English Bulldogs which suits your dog's strength, temperament, pulling behaviour and health.

What is a cooling bed and how can it keep your pet cool in the summer heat? We look at the 7 Best Dog Cooling Mats, Pads and Beds.

Trying to decide on the best dog cooling vest? Check out our tried and tested harness guide to keeping your dog cool when out and about.

Meet the team behind Collar and Harness magazines. Our beloved dog testers who make all of our reviews possible.

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In our latest curated list - we've gone technical and published the top nine best dog GPS trackers trending in 2019 online.

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We've created the ultimate awesome guide to finally answer your question - Collar vs Harness. Which one is best for your dog?

Check out reviewers tried and tested 'five best Whippet harnesses' for this most English of popular dog breeds.

With their longer neck and unique shape - finding a harness for a lurcher can seem a little daunting. Read our curated list of the best Lurcher harness for ...

Got a quick question? Read our handy and expanding Frequently Asked Questions for all things dog collar and harness related.

An affordable and effective harness which although fairly good - should probably be used in combination with a good lead and collar.

Collar and Harness Magazine's summary of the Fun Pets LED Dog Safety Collar - a high visibility LED collar for walking your dog in dark conditions.

Collar and Harness Magazine's summary of the EXPERSOL HOTDOG LED Dog Harness - a USB rechargeable high visibility harness.

For the 1st companion-animal awards, PETA have awarded companies of ethical products. Check out the Best Vegan Dog Collar & Harness of 2018.

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