About Collar and Harness

Collar and Harness is a collection of the best dog products and doggy lifestyle guides by people who love dogs for people who love dogs. We are a small team of independent reviewers, some of us who work with dogs on a daily basis.

We will continue to build this site out as the de-facto collection of related dog accessories. This site is free to use and we welcome any contributions and user reviews from our visitors.

How Do You Conduct Research?

We spend hours and hours researching all products and articles before writing a single word. In many cases, we use the products or test them in a now over-crowded storeroom. We either buy the items, have used them (and still do), or work with them. Other times we seek advice from experts in the area – other dog professionals of, in the case of some items or breeds. In others, we research online and using various notice boards asking for independent feedback.

How does this site make money?

All of our reviews are independent. We do not do pay-to-play reviews or other shady deals. We do include affiliate links if available for our reviews with which we receive a small commission on any sales. These links do not affect the rating we give any product.

If You Earn Commission, How Do I know Reviews are Not Biased?

Firstly, we never review a product based on price. We often blind test all products reviewed – so that pricing does not affect the scores. We also do not only include products which earn commissions. You will see several examples of products which we have reviewed which just link directly to the manufacturer’s website. In these instances, there are no financial relationships – it’s simply a great product and we’re letting our readers know.

Who are the reviewers?

The reviewers are mostly UK based (one of us is in Ireland). You can also meet some of the team here.

Who visits this site?

This site is mainly for dog owners, those intending on getting a dog and those who need a little help with dog training. Although we are UK based, we get a large number of visitors from USA and Canada.

There’s a Product I love or an area you Haven’t Covered

Reach out to us with any questions – we love reader feedback and are always looking for new things to try and investigate.

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